Four More Scary Facts About the Weight Loss Industry and Why They Want You to Fail – industry news

I recently shared four of the worst lies that the weight loss industry continues to promote that have a direct negative impact on your ability to achieve your weight loss goals. However, these lies only scratch the surface of why your weight loss attempts to this point have universally failed. Allow me to illuminate four more of these dangerous lies:Fact: The Media Is in on it TooGeorge Orwell once pointed out, “The people will believe that the media tells them they believe.” And though he was talking about communism in the 20th century, the same is true today. The media of the 21st century is one thousand times worse than the realities that Orwell faced as the 24-hour news cycle places every major media outlet at odds with not only others, but the internet in general. Everyone is in search of the next sound bite or cure-all for eager consumers.What makes this all worse is that these media outlets line their pockets with advertising dollars. And these dollars come from the weight loss industry for one, and the food and medical industries for another. Every time a member of the so-called “health and fitness” media recommends a new product, system, or solution, you can bet that there is money behind that endorsement. And the internet is no better-bloggers routinely receive products, subscriptions, and perks for “reviews” from major companies.Fact: The Industry Has Lost Its AppealOn the heels of their failure and the intense focus from the news media and internet to promote anything that will get them viewers, the sad fact is that the weight loss industry as a whole is losing ground. Consider these statistics:
In Australia alone, a country with a population of 22.6 million, only around 4 million people actually have a gym membership and of those, only about one tenth actually use it on a regular basis (in other words often enough for it to be effective!)

Though new health and fitness businesses open constantly, a staggering 80% of them fail within the first 12 months.

Most exercise programs are designed for and by those who are already fit, turning away overweight people who feel that the achievements are outside their abilities. What’s worse, studies consistently show that the negative image of exercise and overweight people portrayed on shows like The Biggest Loser are far more likely to demotivate people to get up and move.

And those in the industry actually propagate this attitude as several implicit association tests on these supposed “professionals” show a higher-than-normal sense of anti-fat prejudice among them. And their prejudice gets stronger the longer they’ve been in the field.

Despite a consistent push for more respect in the industry the ease with which people are able to attain so-called “personal trainer” certifications directly contradicts this and leads to a field full of people who don’t fully understand what they are doing and who are too afraid to admit it.
Fact: The Crisis of Confidence Has Been Left UnaddressedMost, if not all, obese people have tried (and failed) to lose weight in the past. Most new health and fitness programs know this and sell these people not an actual solution, but hope. They hope that this time the program will work. They also hope that this change will be quick and painless. The problem is that they aren’t. They either don’t work fast enough or are painful and people drop off the bandwagon with their confidence lower than ever.Fact: We Like Our Food Fast and Our Weight Loss FasterFast food culture has impacted the weight loss industry at an alarming rate. Our attention span is short and our need for instant gratification infectious. We want quick results and new options so the industry opts for obscure solutions rather than proven strategies all in an effort to rise to the top of the pile, get noticed, and make more money. You’ve already tried (and failed) in your previous attempts, unless this one is shiny and new, chances are, you won’t even start it in the first place.The TRUTHSo what’s the payoff here? How do you successfully lose weight and keep it off? Clearly, the industry isn’t helping you do it. In fact, the only person who can is you. You need to find a program that recognizes that fact and puts you in control of your own weight loss.

Keeping Up With Gaming News – industry news

The gaming industry is a large sector of the economy, at tens of billions of dollars a year. Because it’s such an important and growing industry, there is a lot of news generated about it. There are a lot of players involved, from those making money by providing capital or controlling licensing, to those who design and develop the games, to those involved with development of hardware, to those assisting with distribution, and finally to the end users.You can take a walk down the aisle of any store that sells magazines, and you’ll likely find at least two or three gaming magazines. The gaming industry news coverage can be your source of knowledge that can help you improve your equipment and game play. Here is how you can take advantage of the constant news, regardless of your gaming skill level.One way to start gathering gaming news is to take a trip to your local game shop. Game Stop and Game Crazy are a couple of the popular stores that carry gaming magazines. These publications can give you lots of information about the latest releases of games, and you can survey the prices of both games and gaming systems. Some magazines may be focused on one company’s products. The Game Informer, however, covers reviews and news about all the various games and platforms. In that magazine you’ll find information on the Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP (PlayStation Portable), Nintendo DS, PC games, EA games, and more.When you visit one of the local game shops, be sure to ask questions. The people that work in these shops can often tell you about cool stuff happening or upcoming game releases that are offered at special prices. Also they may be able to tell you about gaming events that you can attend or even participate in. Look around at the posters, signs, and other forms of printed announcements in the shops, too.The gaming magazines are a source of industry news, to let you know what’s hot and what’s not. There is a lot of interaction between marketing and mainstream media attention. After being mentioned in the five o’clock news, sales of a game can experience a sharp rise in sales.Gaming news sources can alert you about new and competitive gaming businesses before you buy their products. Sometimes events at different parts of the world can influence the market, as there are several associations that sponsor awards for video games and gaming products.You can even dig deep to find out what’s influencing the market that you’re a part of. Media providers such as those connecting users to satellite, cable, or other news or Internet sources can influence the game industry with their actions. Leaks of information or videos can sometimes provide useful information about upcoming games or events. These and other forms of interesting news can be found in the game magazines.Besides Game Informer, other magazines you may want to look for are Computer Games Magazine, GamePro, and GameSlice. You can find homes for these magazines online too.By keeping up with game industry news, you can enhance your enjoyment of your gaming hobby.

How Online News Services Can Increase Business – industry news

Everybody is always looking for innovative ways to increase their business, to increase the amount of traffic to their websites and other ways to get their name, their brands, services and products to the consumers that will use them. One of the latest buzz applications in the Internet marketing sector is Online News Submission.What it basically is, is a company that will take your companies details, list of services, products, what you do, how you do it and where you are. Then they jazz your information up; send it through to the PR department, where a clever writer puts together a sensational, but informative press release about your company. Once you have approved the press release, they go live and upload it to the web, through thousands of internet portals and online news services all over the world and immediately your product has reached millions it wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.Not only do the companies prepare your complete press release, part of their package is Online News Distribution, so without you having to search for platforms about where to release your news article, part of their service is that they do all of that for you. They already have a well connected data base of outlets and an unprecedented ability to reach a diverse sector of journalists, bloggers, online news platforms, potential customers and buyers.It doesn’t matter if you have never written a press release or news article before, you don’t have to go and learn how to do that, or employ a copywriter or journalist to do so, an Online News Service Company will do all of that for you. It will be like employing an entire PR company to take on your media and news coverage without having to break the bank,Social media, express media coverage, SEO submissions and national and international press are all platforms and sectors that a unique service like this will launch your company, services and brand from. By reaching the right people in the right sectors your brand will headline and reach the best people, the people that need to know.All industries, sectors and professions can benefit from this kind of publicity. Small business and sole proprietors will be able to target audiences around the world, with the launch of a few strategic press releases that will reach a niche target market. Think about how we search for businesses, companies and services today. Do we haul out a service directory; look them up in our local telephone directory? No, we search for them online, using multiple search engines to get a variety of sources.Once we have made a short list of our preferences we then search social media and social media forums to get the good, the bad and the ugly references and opinions from consumers that have tried and bought and let the world know what it is that they thought. Doesn’t it make sense then to use an online news submission type company that will take care of all your PR needs, and then strategically place your information in the right hands using online news distribution methods? Can you actually afford not to?